Tonight’s set from 8PM

Is in remembrance of Alfie Lee Lawton, a 15 year old boy who sadly lost his life in February this year. Alfie’s father Josh, a very old friend of ours, will be doing a set in the future.
In the meantime, please listen on MixCloud where you can chat and shout at the DJs or on the Internet radio at: Voscast

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DJ profiles

Agent Orange

He plays tunes.

Angelsone9 and Angus66

Both recently released from high security correctional facilities due to the pandemic. These local boys are often found behind bars as well as in front of them.

Angelsone9 – no one really know where he hails from, rumour has it he arrived on a comet.

Angus66 – nothing quite so exotic for this reprobate, a graduate of various local secure units.

Angus Wood

Angus Wood comes from Old School club aristocracy. He has being playing records for ages and tried to DJ a discus at school.Rumour has it that he has a container full of vinyl stashed away. Soon to be the subject of a Guy Ritchie film.

Captain Orange

The man, the enigma, hard to pin down, nobody knows what he really does. Probably a spy.

Dj Liam Anderson 

Lives in Norfolk, unashamedly plays Funky Old Man tunes.

DJ Rossi

More tunes than The Sound Of Music, good with them too, enjoy.

Juan Solo

Juan Solo is a tune addict, skateboarder, brilliant chef and all round dude. He plays a massive variety of music, think Gilles Peterson, but less smug.

Paddy Stubbs

Answers to Paddy, Pad, Pads, Padstar or Padster. Formerly of Bloemfontein Road Paddy is an adventurer, sailor and stay at home Dad. Despite his modern, new fangled life role he is old school* (from before they spelt it with a K). Despite being old school he is ashamed to admit he owns no vinyl. He has never heard of, or the W12 Disco store on the uxbridge road that sell reconditioned 12010s. Sigh.

We are going to get him round to RQHQ and push vinyl upon him. In W12 it could be worse.

He first met some of the shady types around here at the MoS and kitchens various back in 93.

Padster loves zee house music (^^^) but has a secret passion for Techno, or Tekno when spelling becomes an issue.

We are very happy to have him onboard.


Newly addicted DJ and very good to this station, has a very broad musical knowledge which he would be more than happy to tell you about.

Stu B

Stu has a great choice in tunes. He has plenty up his sleeve, we are sure. Friends in high places, friends in low places (that would be us).

Tintin Quarantino

The lynchpin of the operation. Sound Engineer, Broadcast Engineer, ever patient. Lives in a box. 

Vinni Vega

What can we say about Vinni Vega? Great tunes that have been entertaining people for years. Would brighten up even the brightest of days.