Tonight’s set from 8PM

Is in remembrance of Alfie Lee Lawton, a 15 year old boy who sadly lost his life in February this year. Alfie’s father Josh, a very old friend of ours, will be doing a set in the future.
In the meantime, please listen on MixCloud where you can chat and shout at the DJs or on the Internet radio at: Voscast

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Agent Orange At Large

Hosted by Agent Orange or one of his associates, house music from the past present and occasionally future. Guaranteed to include some female vocals and unexpected remixes. Music mood dependent. 

Album Time

A whole album in one go.

Blake Bump

Hosted by international man of mystery The Spaniard himself; Captain Orange. An education in what having too much time on your hands and an internet connection can do. All sorts, all good.

Cleaning Hour

Hosted by Kev, supported by the in-house tame DJ Tintin Quarantino, this is a chance to listen to some tunes while cleaning your house, making voodoo dolls of Boris Johnson, whatever you like. We would love you to send us a 25 track playlist in text, or on Spotify and we will play it from 12:30, post it, share it and everything so you can share it with your friend. See the contact thingummy up there in the corner.

Juan and Pad, Together at Last

Hosted by:

  • The one and only Juan Solo, a friend for years with a massively eclectic taste in music played beautifully. Expect nothing, go with the vibe.
  • Paddy Stubbs or Padster – loves zee house music but has a secret passion for Techno, or Tekno when spelling becomes an issue.

Liam’s Hour 

Hosted by DJ Liam Anderson, one of Radio Quarantino’s early supporters. Brings you some lovely soul, a bit of disco some other stuff (afro beat, some bungalow). Just perfect for when you have finished your Frey Bentos Steak and Kidney Pie and are in the mood for love

Licensed to Thrill

Hosted by Vinni Vega AKA Dishyd007.

Pre-Loading Hour

Hosted by Angelsone9 and Angus66.

Rock and Blues

Hosted by Angus Wood after a couple more days locked down. What it says on the tin.

Soul and Funk

Hosted by Angus Wood, one of the two Woods we have on the station (unrelated, so far) does what it says on the tin. If he talks too much, please message him to shut it.

Stu’s Bangers

Hosted by Stu B (clearly not his real name), this is unashamed, brilliant House Music which will certainly have you swinging your pants and if you are lucky, someone else.

The Animal Sessions

Hosted by Sebastian or one of the other beasts of W12 (maybe, in the future), the music will vary from really nice instrumental mixes through to Grime and Drum and Bass. A massive supporter of this station and music in general, this is something for the Millennials of the Bush and beyond. Someone young told Agent Orange that it is cracking, he believed them.